Roo Hamer

Kite Surfer & Calisthenics Specialist

DOB: 13 March 1993

Place of Birth: Mirano, Veneto, Italy

Occupation: Kite Surfer & Calisthenics specialist

Meet doer Roo Hamer. He rides life like he surfs his kite; free, flowing and fun, the wind and waves bring a big smile on his face as he lives his dream.

As a Kite Surfer and Calisthenics specialist, he cannot spend a day without moving his body. Roo wakes up every morning excited to set himself free wherever he is.

"Whatever you do, make sure it’s fun, otherwise you will not be doing it for long."

What made you start training?

I was inspired by the strongest athletes in running and water polo at school. I was always skateboarding, snowboarding, climbing and doing things that challenged my balance as a kid. I then used all that reckless energy and channelled it into my first sport that I loved the most. This was kite surfing and I took it to a bigger level.

What does kite surfing give to you? How does it make you feel?

The feeling before a session is like nothing you can get from a gym session. All the trees are howling and swinging from side to side as I make my way to the water. It’s a feeling of nervousness and excitement, especially when I go to a new spot. I arrive at the beach, maybe there is nobody there, and I’m all by myself with nerves and excitement on a massive level.

When I get out on the water, the nerves go and I’m full of adrenaline, smiling from ear to ear the whole time! I’m just taking in the ocean and after the first 5 minutes I relax and notice everything; the waves, the wind, the streams of the water. There’s a certain degree of nerves during the session as there are waves. You might lose your board, or you can be close to rocks or held under [the water]. But after five minutes in, I feel relaxed and feel like ‘this is what I came for’ and I want to stay in for a couple more hours. When I come out of the water I feel completely as a different person.

How do you set yourself free? Is it only in the water or do you have different ways?

I‘ve found new ways of looking at my body through adding yoga and stretching to my lifestyle. I’m always stretching during the day, before bed, and tuning into what I can do to improve tomorrow and get my body working well, and also for when I’m old. Those things really excite me, I get excited by learning and improving. When I’m in London I always do calisthenics, and I’ve learned so much in London. I spent 6 years of my life practicing handstands, every day without missing. I feel like stretching and putting in the hard work is very rewarding. Same with the tricks on the bars, it takes a lot of practice. It takes a lot of crashing too! They have no cushions in the playgrounds in London so when you fall, you fall hard. My secret is to see the trick in my head first and then go 100% for it without doubts.

What drives you to keep on going?

I look at life in a very primal way. I live in the city with lots of technology but I always remind myself that I’m just an animal. I have the same energy as the smallest ant and the biggest whale. I am the same as anything that is living on the planet. We’ve made all this technology and closed ourselves off from all that. But I feel every day I need to look for food and water, like all the animals. This requires a lot of energy. It always requires movement before you get that reward of food or a drink. Especially here in London; everyone sits all the time at breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then you lie down in bed. We don’t do much so I always remind myself to do something.

How long does the feeling last before you long back to a good session?

The next morning. I have that feeling that I want to go again, it’s a daily release and it’s got to happen. I don’t believe in rest days as this doesn’t happen in the wild.

"When I see the ocean I get energy"

Where do you get your energy from?

I have a protein bar every day, good vegetables and meat. I love halva and chocolate so I have a bit of a sweet tooth. When I drive to the beach and see the trees moving, I get energy. When I’m at the sea and when I see the ocean I get energy as well. When I get into the water I feel the energy from nature. When I ride the wave I feel that energy and it’s definitely the best feeling. I love it!

What inspires you?

Anyone who is giving their all and doesn’t save any energy for later. Anyone who just goes for it inspires me.

If you were able to go back and speak to your younger self, perhaps ten years ago, what would you say to him?

I was maybe a bit arrogant. Whatever I did in the last ten years to get here is good. I agree with everything I did and I would say to myself, don’t give up and make sure you’re always having fun. So whatever is keeping you fit, make sure it’s fun. Whatever you do, make sure it’s fun, otherwise you’ll not be doing it for long.

What is your dream?

I feel very lucky to say I’m living my dream. I get to train, to surf, to travel and I appreciate these opportunities that I’m continuously being given on a day-to-day basis.

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